About me

What do I do for a living?

I like web development in general. I focus my main activity in Magento 2 development right now, both in back end and front end. But my main job is as a front end web developer

I also do WordPress and PrestaShop development, but just a little… it’s not my main job.

I work at Comonline.es since July 2019, focusing mostly in ecommerce.

Developer profile

I am certified in Magento Frontend y Magento JavaScript since 2020 and 2021 respectively. When Adobe changed Magento Certifications, they both got merged in one certification: Adobe Expert – Frontend (AD0-E710). So my last and real certification is Adobe Expert – Frontend (AD0-E710)


The foundation: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Some people say I am good at paying attention to details of the designs I’ve been handed.

Always: mobile first, rem, Less/Sass, whenever I can Flex and Grid.

Magento 2 related: RequireJs, KnockoutJS, UI Components, Less.

Frameworks JS: The basics of React, Angular and Vue. Just the basics so I can understand code and get something done.

Csstricks y Codrops are in my browser history very often 😉


Languages: PHP and MySQL.

Development skills for CMS: Mainly Magento 2; Also WordPress, WooCommerce, PrestaShop.

Magento 2 stuff: development of modules, themes, UI Components, third party tools integrations.

Frameworks PHP: the basics of Symfony


I’m not a designer, but I make good team with them. We usually understand and complement each other nicely.

Project management

It is not my main task, but I can handle it from the beginning of the project in the initial requirements gathering, to the steps planning and task subdivision, choosing the best way to work and conventions for each project.

In my day to day task management, I use Jira for work, Toggle to control how much time was used for each assigned task and a Trello board where I write down things instead of using pencil and paper.

I usually have a weekly meeting that becomes a weekly sprint, plus a short daily meeting. When a project ends, I like to analize and count the hours it took for each phase or step and somehow get to know the performance of this project, identify bottle necks and in general, think of how those things that didn’t go as espected could be improved the in the next project or iteration.

What I use for it:

Editors: PhpStorm is my main IDE since i tried it. I used to work in VS Code a lot, Sublime Text too long ago. Dark themes always as a good developer with a minimum of self love. PSR standar follower both in styles and in best practices (at least the ones I am aware of), this is something I can thankfully blame Magento 2 in my day to day.

Automations: a little bit of bash, there is nothing better than a tiny script to make that time consuming and repetitive task (e.g spin up a local magento instance with it environment dependencies, some deploy tasks to staging, image resize/optimization …)

Version control: Git in BitBucket for private repos and GitHub for public repos. I like to use more in the CLI than in the IDE with a GUI. Although it’s a controverted practice, I use GitFlow as my main git flow for everything helped by https://github.com/nvie/gitflow, which for me it’s a wonderful extension.

OS: Ubuntu for development and personal use, Android for my mobile device. I don’t dislik Mac but also not a fan sincerely… Windows has given me some development problems so I switched to Ubuntu also for a personal use and I’m not using windows for years (nothing to regret).

Tools: Docker (I like and use DevilBox, things get much much easier), Composer whenever it’s possible to add. Grunt, Less y Knockout that are shipped with Magento 2.

CMS: Magento 2, WordPress, Prestashop

Hosting: I have mainly used shared hostings and VPS with some administration behind it (my sysadmin knowledge is limited to the basic to get things done). In my work, we have Magento 2 customized hosting.

Things I like

Development related stuff: I like learning and using new things, I don’t like to keep using the same just because it’s easier instead of look for an improvement. I am always learning something or trying to be better in something.

I like Lindy Hop (the dancing). It’s been awhile since I cannot enjoy a good dance, but in any time I’d really like to come back to it.

I like videogames, board games, escape rooms and any other type of game that makes friends come along and have a good time.

I like training and feeling healthy. I do calisthenics home made and some Yoga stretching. I haven’t tried Crossfit but I think it’s not my style. I’ve never been a sports fan but I like playing basketball and I can’t be less interested in football.

I like movies and series, I make a good use of Netflix and Amazon Prime 🙂 My favourite series: Breaking Bad and Black Mirror are in my top, but there a lot more of course that I’d love to watch again.

About the music I listen to: Heavy metal, new metal , hard rock, etc. It’s not the only music I like but it is the 80% of what I usually listen to. If the song is good and has minimum of quality, it can fit in my playlists (and no… reggaeton is a style that does not usually match…)

How would I define myself?

Well… it’s always hard to do this, but let’s try.

In my job, I’m curious and enjoy trying new things. I am methodical and always look for the most efficient way to achieve the same result, I don’t like to repeat the same mistakes many times. Balance is important to me. I am demanding with myself and with others, although the most important thing is that there is harmony between everyone without bad feelings. I think that if we all really put in the effort, things turn out much better.

I try to have a good management of resources and time spent at work, although of course it is not always possible but you can always do your best 😉

I hate people who are always trying to take advantage of other people’s work and apparently be good at their job because of that. It’s something I can’t stand. We have to work as a team or individually, but never try to compete workmates.

Luckily, I like what I do and do what I like (sonds great!), but it has not been always been like that. This helps to create a good, relaex and productive work environment.

In my perfonal life, I am a very calm and homely person, hard to make angry (or at least you have to know how to hahah), but there are some specific things that make me loose my inner peace (Why do people, at the beach, sit really near me and put their music on loudly? Why!?). I appreciate honesty a lot. I rather gather with some friends to just chat, play some games, eat something nice, watch a movie, etc more than going out until late night. I enjoy daylight, so I prefer waking up a 6 a.m everyday. I rather hav 2 or 3 best friends, than 20 friends.

Father of two kids since 2018 🙂