Magento 2 module for LiveReload

I published my first Magento 2 module, it’s very simple but effective: add the LiveReload script to the head without touching your theme files and only if you are in developer mode. You can check it out here: and easily get it installed with Composer. LiveReload? When developing a theme for Magento 2, it’s very nice to have your styles modification automatically refreshed in the screen without the need of actually refresh the page…. Read more →→→

Chatbot in PHP with OpenAI API

Last time I tried connecting to the OpenAI API in this post (OpenAi en PHP), so now I wanted to build something with it. I know there are lots of tools that make you a chatbot in minutes without programming skills and it’s super easy with an awesome UI… However, I wanted to know how a chatbot was made, at least a basic one. So here it is my own chatbot: It ‘s a… Read more →→→